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If you are a FREELANCER or a Startup Entrepreneur or Self Employed, there is almost a surety that you are on a shoestring budget.You would be very skeptical on spending on hiring an office space, invest in the interior and most importantly, engage your time & efforts in managing & maintaining an office.

Especially at this stage when all your focus, time & efforts should be on your product / service and garnering the right audience. In this case, you may think that working from home would be a great option.

But let’s see below at how coworking is far too superior & helpful for you:

Environment: The most important factor that would work in favor of co working spaces is the amazing environment that they provide. Working from home will always be a cause of disturbance & constant distractions whereas a co working space is the perfect place to work at considering the seating options, professional environment & look, flexibility, coworkers who create a cohesive culture and so on.

Reliability: Home being a home will always be attached with a lot of unreliability with regards to a noiseless space, comfortable seating, zero disturbance, wifi downtime, refreshments, distractions etc.

Seating: Coworking spaces offer a range of seating options which help in working long hours without hampering your health & posture. A professional seating option goes a long way in keeping you healthy & fresh in order to increase your efficiency.

Security: There are absolutely no security controls & safety issues at a coworking space where access is given only to authorized personnel, that too with the permission of the members. Coworking spaces are way more safe & secure than they are perceived to be.

Supportive culture: Coworking spaces or Shared office spaces are often turn out to be an amazing platform for members & coworkers to get influenced & motivated from other people working around. An open culture in coworking spaces induces the entrepreneur within to share, care, collaborate, co-create & grow together. There are business support services usually provided at all coworking spaces for the member to seek guidance & problem solving.

Unlimited Coffee & refreshments: Majority of the coworking spaces provide unlimited Tea, Coffee & Beverages. The value of this itself turns out to be cost effective if you had to work either from home or even a Café etc.



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